My Absence: Moving & My New Shelves

I have been gone for a while. It would be an understatement to say that I’ve been busy. Between moving, family obligations, and summer school exams, I’ve had little time to read and even less time to blog. Fortunately, I discovered Audible and I’ve listened to two audiobooks while moving, ready for review which I will soon have time to write. For now, I’d like to show off my new shelves because I have a tiny bit more room to spread out.

Most of my childhood/high school books remain at my parents’ house on my old 9-foot bookshelf in my old room. They will probably remain there until I get a house of my own. The majority of the books pictured below have been accrued in college or meant enough to me to lug the 400 miles down to college. Here are the new shelves!




This shelf is part of the built-in desk I’ve claimed. It’s all of my ~favorite~ books (and those I haven’t read yet, I’m expecting to become my favorites). I alphabetized them by author’s last name because I’ve always wanted a shelf like that and never had the space.


This is my book “storage” where I keep books that are a little less pretty, less important to me, or I haven’t read. I wish I could put them all on display but I simply don’t have the room so this strange little printer cube that I rescued from the dumpster one day serves as my apartment literary storage. It’s two rows deep with House of Leaves (because it’s so huge) and cook books on top.

I know it may not look like much to those of you with beautiful shelves (and more display room) but the fact that I have my favorite books in my room, on display in a place I see often is a treasure to me because I haven’t had that since I lived with my parents. I have to buy the vast majority of my books on Kindle because I simply don’t have the space to spare.

Hope you enjoyed this brief, personal post and I’ll be back to my normal blogging shortly.